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August 24, 2012



Outstanding! Simply outstanding Becki...of course, strike and reverse "republican" and you have my contrarian view. By the way...thanks for that healthy southern cuisine again!

Korinthia Klein

It's so hard sometimes, isn't it? I have a friend I like very much who is republican and every once in a while we'd hit some land mine of a topic and have to switch to discussing things like puppies to keep safe.

Nice post!


If you can divorce yourself from the emotion involved in the issues, it is an amazing thing how differently intelligent people can view the world. My faith absolutely informs my political views. Wouldn't Jesus want everyone to be able to access and pay for medical care, for example?! Yet I know reasonable folks who vote their conscience and see things from a much more conservative vantage point than I feel called to. I talk to them and though I walk away still convinced they are wrong, I also am convinced they have thought about the issues and have arrived at their conclusions through both their heads and their hearts just as I do. It is an interesting phenomenon though for the life of me I just don't get it!

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