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May 10, 2012



You know me...nervous girl. I like to think I'm evolving and losing some of my nervous girl tendencies. It helps me to state my worst case scenarios out loud to someone...usually I realize that they are unlikely and when spoken out loud don't seem as scary. Love and miss you.


Definitely not a risk-taker, but Ravenclaw sounds pretty good to me. I think I would look excellent in dirigible plum earrings, too.


I don't think I was bad, I did break a few rules, usually had air tight alibis planned in advance! The end result is I have less that half a dozen drinks a year, don't smoke, no recreational drug taking, hardly any recreation. If anything I have gotten increasingly more nervous and risk avoiding as I have gotten older and I'm really sorry about this. The Flinch? maybe I should give it a read. It seems like the worst I do is read bad fantasy teen lit and sometimes think about having a cigarette.


I was kind of a bad/brave girl near the end of HS and definitely college...as a result I am now a slightly neurotic, slightly nervous girl, which coincidentally started around the time my daughter turned 16 (now 22). You know the saying - "the apple doesn't fall from the tree"? Yeah...no wonder I am not so brave anymore.

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