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June 15, 2006



I'm going to print this out and keep it handy for future summer vacations, as I'm pretty sure these are the same rules my mother gave me back in the day. Some things never change.


One way to discourage the kids on wanting ice cream(see #6) when they "hear the music". Tell them that the music means that the are out of ice cream.


So, we (not me, but all those short people who have run wild over my house the past week)have broken every single summer rule listed above. Thank God summer camp starts next week. they are making me nervous times ten (or, well, four.)


Such sage advice. I will particularly be parroting number 8.

Salome Ellen

Amen! Preach it Sistah!


I think to myself some days, "only four years left til she can go to day camp."


School ends one week from tomorrow. I am afraid, very afraid!


Very very...very. :)


I've had to drag my daughter out of bed at 6:30 every school morning all year. So what time did she get up on her first day of summer vacation--without me dragging her out of bed--why, 6:30 of course. It would actually matter except that my youngest gets up at 5:30. My goal is to get them all to sleep in--I'll probably accomplish that about a week before school starts--and then I'll be back to dragging the school age kids out of bed.


Great list.

When we were little, we'd hear the call of the ice cream truck and my mother would tell us it was the dog catcher.

we believed her.

Well, eventually we got wise but that line did buy her some time.


Just because you do no bodily harm to your siblings, it does NOT mean you will not be the only one changing your parents depends, or putting them on and off the porta-pot.


Au contraire, my badsissy, perhaps your travails with the porta-pot are your karmic reward for calling your innocent younger sister "Toilet" every chance you got. Or perhaps what goes around comes around, and I'll be changing your Depends someday. Lord, I hope somebody is willing to change mine when the day comes.


I guess I'd have to add to that list one more, in the spirit of #10:

No drinking is allowed. Except by me.


absolutely hysterical.

but... you make your kids do math-sheets over the summer?


#11 Do not ask :"Is today the day we are going to Darien Lake?" At least until Poppa has had coffee.....then only ask it 6 times, not 60......


I think I need to print those out for future reference!

jenn in holland

Butrfly had you quoted on her sidebar today and I just had to come see the rest. HILARIOUS!
May I print them, frame them and ingraine them in my children's psyche?


This one goes on the refrigerator. Rock on!

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