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June 23, 2006



And at nearly $4.00 for a Venti, it's a bargin, no?


I heard the news about the coffee-liver link, which reinforced my drinking habits - both morning and night. But this toxic poop business? Coffee is MAGICAL, I'll tell you!


This blog brought to you by the fine people at Starbucks. 11,000 locations worldwide-one (or 10) near you!


I have these fantasies that I'll go to the doctor and they'll tell me that I have a large (but benign) tumor in my abdomen and that after it is removed (complete with restful stay in the hospital during which I can sleep whenever I want to) I will have a flat stomach. Perhaps I just need to drink a lot of coffee to have the same effect (minus the sleeping part--but with all the coffee, I won't miss it).


I have watched the colon cleanse informercial. I dring 4-6 coffees daily. I still have a round stomach. I am still constipated. I am doing something wrong. Maybe I am not drinking enough alcohol.

I am still waiting for a Starbucks near me. Thank God for Tim Horton's.


the info mercial, as i'm sure you know, was bullSHIT, pun intented.

let's just remember how i was in the hospital for a week in january with an infection in my intestines. trust me when i tell you the only things hanging around up there were bad germs. a week of a liquid diet and i had lost 7 pounds. NOT overnight. and only because i couldn't eat anything but jello and ginger-ale.

the only toxin in my body is my personality.


I have read on other blogs of ppl. who have bought a similar "colon cleanse" and well, apparently they stated there was some strange truth to it. ew.

But the thoguth of it makes me very uneasy and so I'll just be sticking to my coffee, thanks.

And dittto Hoo's comment. Heh.


I love coffee. Been drinking cups of it in my breakfast stools, but I never really thought there's wealth of benefits from it.

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