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June 02, 2006



I think this blog is getting too blue for my taste;)


I don't know what it is about those ratty old bras....my kids have on occasion after being with me while I dress suggested I just go without a shirt b/c my underwear "looks nicer". Apparently snapped elastic threads and stretched out fabric is all the rage! Who knew I was on the cutting edge all this time?


The Chicks may not get airplay (because in addition to pissing off fans, the Chicks pissed off the music industry in general), but airplay does not equal sales. The Internet has replaced all of those independently owned and operated radio stations that played what they wanted before they were sucked up by Clear Channel, and the Chicks seem to be doing just fine in terms of sales. Here's to Chicks With Balls! We are the Gatekeepers of the P***y!


Chicks with balls...pretty boobies...and blogs. Now THAT is a trifecta.


i'm with the chicks standing up for their convictions.

and i love libby.


Just stumbled upon your blog (a link from another I read)...and have really enjoyed reading some of your posts! And the Chicks album debuted at #1 so apparently their careers are alive and well :)


Lordy lordy I remember what happed to my last niece that coveted boobies as a child...she got more than her share.
I agree with the chicks convictions and I wish them much success...I will stop there lest I say something about country music.
as for you Toad, you are just jealous because you don't have pretty boobies and you are not a gatekeeper.


i remember the first time my nursing son (at about age 1-1/2) saw me nek-ed, with BOTH boobs in clear view. he gaped wide-eyed, with a look of complete wonderment, as if to say, "you mean there are TWO of them? what LUCK."


I read a great column over the weekend about how gutsy the Chicks are. I have to find it and send it to you. They are sending amazing messages to their kids. Stand up for what you believe and don't back down.


Hmm, Mimi's always telling me she doesn't want boobies... wonder if that means mine are unattractive? ;-)


How funny! And I can't wait to hear the new album, I am not put off by their statement since I quite agree, but unfortunately many more feel the opposite.

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