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July 05, 2005



Oh Becki, I was laughing so hard throughout that. Your poor brother, he tries so hard and still Julian thwarts him. What a great kid. I hope you take pictures of Julian in his cocktail dress and strappy sandals (with a capeless Batman as his date, natch) and send it out with the Christmas cards this year.


Oh, NG, me too. Thanks for the laugh!

I can picture a scene with the toy manufacturers like in the Capital One commercial where the fed up customer is chasing one of the agents through the cubicles. ("You're going down!") After a Christmas morning wrestling with packaging when Aurora (I'm pseudonyming my girls with their favorite princesses) was 1, I now do all the unpackaging the night before so all I miss is sleep rather than the entire Christmas day.


This post had me laughing so hard. Thanks!



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