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July 26, 2005



Until very recently, Belle always said the sign of the cross as, "In the name of the Father, the Son, and Matt." Not sure how Matt came to replace the Holy Spirit, but I was a little disappointed when Aurora corrected her.

And despite my initial reluctance, Aurora has loved VBS. (We never had VBS when I was growing up, but then again I spent 9 months of the year in Catholic school.)


Ah -but do they do the alternating stand up/sit down with the Halleluias?

Neither kid has had communion yet. The little kids are rarely in church for full mass. A few months ago I had Buddy with me, and instructed him to cross his arms for a blessing. After we got back to the pew he asked me in total seriousness, "How come I didn't get anything?"

Glad your posting - hope your feeling better!

Salome Ellen

I burst out laughing at the "Howie-Lou", and the "Howard be thy.." took the cake!!!!!! Of COURSE they bounce up and down. Wait until they get to "Pharaoh, Pharaoh" (if you don't know, don't ask!!) ;-)



Great piece - my, how you can write.

It's an amazing thing how our children absorb His love from us, through us - thanks for sharing this.



The sun also rises, not to have the sparse flash light, the light of the sun light with mist is sending out attractive color, mysterious and dim.

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