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April 27, 2012



Hey, we all have bad days. Mine was Wednesday this week which was just murderous, but today it's Friday and it's the weekend, and everything's better. Hang on in there, and things will look more positive in the morning

Patricia Baker

I know about those unexpected medical bills. The worst part was when my bill was followed up by the same hospital for a "donation".

And how do we make our children feel "OK"? It's so hard to do when you know they could have done better, but you can always remind them of how you feel when you screw up.

Looking forward to some better days for you. You have made Jesus weep at times and Dorothy Parker is looking down saying "I wish I said that!"


I'm sorry you had a craptastic day. I like to hurl around epithets like "son of a motherless goat!" or "holy frack!" when the kids are around.

Or have glass or 5 of wine. That helps too!

I hope tomorrow is better.


Wish I was there to give you a hug. You are an awesome mom, wife and friend. Prayers for peace while you wait for great new beginnings.

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