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April 20, 2012



Wow..... I guess it doesn't pay to get too comfortable anymore. But you never know what the universe is trying to set up for you when it presents an opportunity. Keep your eyes and ears and hearts open.

Pat G.

On the launchpad! That's the spirit! I've been through the husband's job loss too many times (and my own twice); maybe that's made me resilient. But I've never had it happen right after a major move. That's a shock. I can warn you that sometimes the Worry hits suddenly and shakes you out of your optimism from time to time, rather like grief does when you think you're over it. If that happens to you, just ride it out. If you're lucky, it'll hit when you're in the shower, then you can rant and cry and get over it (hopefully) before you have to face your family.

You will get through this. It may take longer than you like (it probably will, but I hope not!) Memorize the following just in case:

"That wasn't the right job for you anyway."
"I'm so glad you DIDN'T get that job! I didn't want to move to ______________."
"What? You didn't get the job?! I bet there was an internal candidate."
"God will provide you with a job when He's ready (the In the Fullness of Time idea).
"Don't worry, Dear! I like having you at home!" (Smile when you say it, even if you have to force it.)
"I'm so sorry, Honey. Let's have a (drink name)."

I'm sure you won't need to use all of these. I believe in Greg, in God's faithfulness, and in all the prayers that will be going up for Greg's successful job hunt! Bill and I are pulling for you and Greg!

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