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August 19, 2008



Well, I may not be Arab or Greek but I certainly endorse the way you eat. . er. . . CAMP. Other people place far, far too much emphasis on the hiking/fishing/carrot stick-y/outdoor aspect of outdoor life! :)


I must not be normal, or else Arabs and Greeks have more in common with Germans than I would've thought.




I don't understand the Arab or Greek part, but I could get with the eating program. The camps of my childhood had terrible food. Sorry about the throw-up. I had that this weekend, but not from overindulgence.


Except for the hose of vomit, it sounds like fun. However, I see no mention of special beverages. What did you drink all week, water?


That sounds like my kind of camping trip. Except for, as Hoo already said, the hose of vomit.


Oh NO! I'm so sorry about the vomiting, but the rest sounds pretty good. Rather like the camping I did as a child though, as I was a child, there was much more running around and crafting and such. Lots of eating, though. Of course, that was a medical thing, but still.

northern girl

Camping? Huh. Sounds like a pretty sweet way to spend a few days...weeks...months (?)

Cathy B

I wanna camp with you! Except for the vomit part. Not the vomit part. I would bring M&Ms and Oreos and go on an incredible sugar high...


But sissy you forgot the part that at every meal we could have seconds if you wanted, and that the kids earned tickets for their good deeds which they could redeem for candy and prizes after lunch and dinner.

As for drinks they had as much iced tea or lemonade as you wanted.

I am pretty sure that it was lots of lemonade on a FULL stomach that led to the House of Vomit.

Thankfully I did not share a cabin with my sister and her family.


Thanks for posting this, I was having a bad day. This helped..
Love ya cuz.



Hmm, I see. I would totally be serving contraband wine in my cabin (in an effort to wash out a kidney stone I'm going pure right now, so I'm obsessed with everyone else's summer bevs)


We camped a lot when I was a kid (6th grade teacher + stay at home mom + 3 kids=camping vacations) and we basically ate what we ate at home when we camped, plus smores. As an adult, smores are mandatory as is some sort of alcoholic beverage. In fact, after driving 11 hours to get to our last camping trip, that was the first thing I sought upon arrival. The white wine was not yet chilled, no red was available (because it gives my sister a headache) so I had one of those girly alcoholic drinks. It did the trick.


AHH! Do I miss the camping trip! The Barberg's, God-willing, shall return next year and add to the carnage of feasting!

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