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August 22, 2008



Hahahaha! I'm sorry to laugh at your misadventure, it's just that you told it so well--and handled it much better than I would have.


You did indeed tell it well. I can almost picture the bird's exasperated glances and relief when you opened the window for his desired escape route.


Hee! Good job, though. I have to say, any bird that gets into our house is going to be cat food long before I can get it together to open the small kitchen window. Trust me, I speak from experience.


Ummm, did you get persmission from Mr. Steve to use the phrase "hunker down"?


Well, that'll teach Nature to mess with you!


Good thing I wasn't over because you would have had to calm the kids after their aunt went loudly shrieking around the house...or removing my body after the heart attack. I hate birds indoors. You will not catch me in the aviary at the zoo. I prefer the snake house.

Butrfly Garden

You do much better than me. :) I'm not a fan of birds, either. I love watching them fly outdoors, but that is where my love ends. We have birds in our walmart that swoop down in the food aisles and I make sure to always make a huge deal out of a bird! being in walmart! A BIRD! (It's been over a year - I don't think they're evicting them.)

Glad you got him out without any poo mishaps, though. :)


I haaaate birds inside stores and in malls! What is up with that? If I wanted to shop where I might get pooped on, I'd go to a boardwalk! There is a place in New Orleans called the Riverwalk mall, which is, of course, right on the Mississippi River. (or at least it used to be there, pre-Katrina). I was shopping in there and tried to find a place to sit down for a cup of coffee and some river watching? But I couldn't because every single surface suitable for sitting was covered in bird poop! This did not make me look favorably upon the food vendors! And I hate birds in Walmart. Yeah, just what I want when I am trying to pick out fresh food for my family! Blech!

Okay, rant off now. I've never had a bird in my house, but we have an inordinately high number of spiders and pincher bugs indoors this year. Maybe I should get a bird in here to eat them?


Nothing has ever freaked me out as much as this: a few months after we bought our house (13 yrs ago) I went into our outdated but tidy finished basement rec-room and found raccoon handprints on a wall that had most certainly been print-free when friends were over just hours before. We also found the clean-out trap to the chimney open. The kind pest control man who came that same day in response to my complete freakout over the phone was my hero. That guy poked *every*single* corner, niche, and rafter of my home to be sure that the critter who came had left - apparently the same way it entered. Even after capping the chimney, for months every night I blocked the interior door to the basement, just in case. I am totally serious when I tell you I would have preferred a ghost visit!!!!!

Kristen De Deyn Kirk

You've told this so well! We haven't had any feathered visitors, but we did have a furry one once. A squirrel decided to become our housemate, and Murray, dressed in a bike helmet and knee pads with a lovely broom for an accessory, had to escort him out the front door. I wish I had thought to take a picture!

Kristen at www.thefamilythatreadstogether.blogspot.com

Kimberly Archie

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I love the way you told this story. When I was a kid, I came home after school (on April Fool's Day) to find a squirrel ransacking the kitchen. I called my dad at work and OF COURSE he didn't believe me because it was April Fool's Day. I had to go get an adult neighbor to verify that there was in fact squirrel hair and poo everywhere. Then he was mad because he spent so much time not believing me that the squirrel had time to take up residence inside his new (and very expensive) couch. Looking back it was all very funny. At the time, not so much.

Snappymom (Christie)

Once, a bird came into our house through the chimney. He flew around in circles over the bed my daughter and I were napping on, waking us up. SHE thought it was great the bird had come to visit us. Me, not so much. I finally caught the bird by tossing a shirt (much friendlier than trying to chase him out with a broom, and results in less bird poop)over him, and got him outside. We love our bird friends, but prefer them to stay outside.

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