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May 15, 2006



I am glad you had a good mother's day.

You left out a group I am aware of because of my profession...women who terminated pregnancies only to regret it later... and also old fahioned single women whom didn't have children because they believe in 2 parent homes.

Me,I am just happy with the 63 little darlings I get to give back at he end of the day.


I actually like Mother's Day. Sure, it's over-Hallmarked and all, and lots of emphasis on Flowers! Chocolate! Jewelry! -- but there's no family (extended) pressures with this holiday, no expectation that I'll cough up a big meal and have to entertain. It's heaven to me in those respects.

Plus, as you mention, I can't imagine anything worse at this juncture than being acutely aware that it's mother's day and not having a reason to celebrate. Let's leave it at that.

Hey, when does your blog for bucks gig begin? I can't wait!!


Yeah. Count me in that infertile group...thanks for thinking of us. This Mother's Day, after the most recent miscarriage, seemed to hurt more than any other.

But to those of you who are mothers, you deserve anything and everything to get a little recognition. It truly is the MOST important job!

(Thanks for visiting my blog by the way!)


glad you had a fun mother's day. we won't discuss mine.

and when does the gig begin?????

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